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    Require a essendon Electrician?

    Are you looking for a reliable, trusting and on-time electrician near me in Essendon? Well, you have come to the right place!

    Sutton Security & Electrics is your locally owned and operated Electrician Essendon. Sutton Security & Electrics have been servicing the area as Electricians in Essendon for over 25 years and are trusted by the community.

    With fast service and friendly advice, Sutton Security & Electrics is here whenever you need an electrician in Essendon.


    Electrician Testing Switchboard



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    Our team are always there to talk about your job.

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    Send us an email anytime, and we’ll respond during business hours.

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    Chat with us live.

    What makes us different?

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     You get peace of mind as all jobs are backed with a life time workmanship warranty.

     Because your time is important, our electricians are efficient and on time.

     To minimise re-booking jobs, our vans are always fully stocked.

     $0 Call Out Fee

     So you don't miss a thing you will receive an itemised invoice on completion.

     Because no one likes a mess, all jobs are completed with nothing left behind.

     For your convenience, all our vans are equipped with portable EFTPOS devices.


     You receive peace of mind as all jobs are backed with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

     Because your time is important, our electricians are efficient and on time.

     To minimise re-booking jobs, our vans are always fully stocked.

     So you don't miss a thing you will receive an itemised invoice on completion.

     Because no one likes a mess, all jobs are completed with nothing left behind.

     For your convenience, all our vans are equipped with portable EFTPOS devices.

    Electrician Testing Switchboard

    Excellent, friendly customer service

    With dedicated and knowledgeable electricians, you can trust our team’s most professional customer service at Sutton Security & Electrics. As a result, our customers count on us for any work, from general electrical jobs and CCTV Installations to switchboard upgrades and smoke alarm installations. Sutton Security & Electrics are your Essendon electricians that can help you tackle whatever electrical works you require.

    Our electricians are incredibly passionate about providing our customers in Essendon with the best solutions and advice for their individual needs. With the combined expertise of 65 years, our electricians in Essendon have got you covered.

    Electrician repairing hot water unit

    Electric Hot Water Repairs Essendon

    Every person and every home deserves to have a working hot water system. The team consists of trained and qualified electricians with the expertise to repair any electric hot water system if it is not heating or tripping the circuit at the switchboard.

    Our electricians in Essendon can repair electric hot water systems instead of replacing the complete unit, saving you thousands. Our electricians can fix electric hot water systems unless they are leaking or gas. With this in mind, gas hot water systems require a plumber to attend and complete the repair because electricians are not licensed for gas.

    CCTV Installer installing a CCTV Camera

    CCTV Installer Essendon

    Security cameras are one of the best forms of home security. Technology is constantly developing, and the number of security cameras on the market these days can be overwhelming. Sutton Security & Electrics is a Registered Security Installer so that we can offer our customers expert security services.

    Being away from home occurs daily, from going down the street to going on a family getaway. For this reason, CCTV cameras have the functionality to be seen through the mobile app within an instant. Easily record footage from the click of a button within the app, save the file and forward through to the necessary party. Feel at ease knowing that your home and family are protected.

    Call Sutton Security & Electrics for the best CCTV Installation in Essendon.

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    Electrical safety in Essendon homes

    The safety of our customers is the number one priority when completing any electrical work. That is why our electricians offer free Home Electrical Safety Inspection to all our residential customers in Essendon. Firstly, this electrical safety inspection comprehensively assesses the switchboard, house wiring, power points, light switches and smoke alarms throughout your home. Secondly, our electricians will immediately alert you of any potential hazards that pose a risk to the health and safety of your home.

    As electrical experts, it is our job and responsibility to provide our customers will the safest solutions to ensure their safety.

    CCTV Installer installing a CCTV Camera

    Smoke alarm installer Essendon

    Sleeping prevents our brain from having a sense of smell; for this reason, this is why smoke alarms save lives. Quality working smoke alarms contain a photoelectric cell and are wired to 240V with a 10-year lithium battery.

    Addtionally, the electricians can ensure that you are educated on the maintenance of your smoke alarms to prevent any disasters ultimately. Gone are the days when batteries need to be replaced when the clocks are set back due to daylight savings. The photoelectric 240V smoke alarms have a reliable ten-year lithium battery that requires no battery replacements.

    Smoke alarms save lives; therefore, we must follow our core values and ensure you are provided with the safest options for your home. You’ve got trust and peace of mind with our electricians in Essendon.

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    Electrician Repairing Oven

    Oven Installer Essendon

    The heart of every home is the kitchen! For this reason, our qualified electricians are dedicated to ensuring that you have an operational oven.

    Home improvements are a way to boost the value of your kitchen, which most of the time requires a new oven installation. As a result, this is where our Essendon electricians come in.  Firsly, taking pride in the home of customers is one value we are very proud of. For this reason, our electricians treat our customers’ homes like their own by cleaning up after work, laying sheets down to protect your floors, and using quality materials.

    Further, work completed by our electricians in Essendon is backed by a Life Time Workmanship Warranty. As a result, this gives peace of mind that we are serious about getting the job done correctly.

    CCTV Installer installing a CCTV Camera

    Dedicated to training and company culture

    Sutton Security & Electrics know that having a good business requires quality team members, quality equipment and unique team culture. The team all share their expertise and ensure that we can provide the best electrical service for our customers.

    You can ask any team member within Sutton Security & Electrics their true thoughts on working for the company, and you will be impressed by their response. As an example, creating a happy and healthy work environment is essential for our electricians to feel valued and respected.

    We appreciate our team and all the hard work that they put together as a team to provide a fantastic experience for our customers.

    For this reason, is a true honour to work with so many incredible people daily.

    Electrician Repairing Oven

    Customer service finalist

    Our Sutton Security & Electrics team are incredibly thankful to our customers who nominated us for the Customer Service Award.

    Evidently, excellent customer service is provided on all our electrical jobs as we are passionate about our work.

    Our Essendon electricians appreciate this award as it recognises them for all the fantastic work they do as a team.

    Meet the team → Our Team 

    CCTV Installer installing a CCTV Camera

    All your Essendon electrical needs

    Essendon has many restaurants, venues and facilities available to the community. Sutton Security & Electrics are here to support the Essendon community and provide the best electrical work.

    Above all, the need for more reliable and qualified electricians increases as the community grows. Rest assured that our electricians in Essendon will be accommodating all the existing locals and introducing all-new locals with open arms.

    Call your trusted local electricians today, proudly serving Essendon and the surrounding areas since 1997.

    Essendon electricians that you can count on

    If you require the services of a reliable local electrician, who arrives on time, provides you with fixed pricing, cleans up after themselves and completes your electrical work to the highest standards.

    Our electricians work between 7 am and 4 pm, and our office team works between the hours of 8 am – 4 pm. The business phone is on 24/7 for all electrical faults and electrical emergencies.

    Know when we will arrive as we call ahead of time to let you know our arrival time. In addition, you are also provided with a GPS tracking location from Service M8 to see precisely how far away our Essendon electricians are. Finally, communication with our clients is a top priority, so we will ensure you know when one of our electricians will be arriving in our sign wrapped vehicles.

    Electrician Repairing Oven
    CCTV Installer installing a CCTV Camera

    TV Installer Essendon

    Nothing looks better than your big flat-screen TV wall mounted in your lounge or home theatre room: our TV Installers and qualified Essendon electricians.

    When wall mounting a TV, you need to plan a few things. Firstly, the height of the TV and what type of TV bracket you would like, such as a flush mount bracket, swivel bracket or tilt bracket. Secondly, our Essendon electricians can supply the necessary TV bracket to suit the size of your TV; we only need to know the size of the TV. Finally, our TV specialists can ensure all cables are hidden on the day of installation.

    Call our friendly team on 0411 438 738 to arrange for your TV to be wall-mounted.

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