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  • Phone & Data Installations

    We can help you with new installations and repairs!
    Phone & Data Specialists
    Our team are all trained to install Phone & Data in your home!

    Whether you need additional Phone Connections or Data Points installed in your home, or you are having difficulties with your current Phone Line or Data Connections we can help!

    With the Testing Equipment Required, you can be assured that our team will complete your installation at the best quality standards!

    We can make recommendations for your home and living style to assist you with your Internet Usage throughout your home!

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    Recently Connected to NBN?
    If you have just recently changed to NBN and your noticing your internet is slow, your data points throughout the home are not working, you can no longer see your CCTV on your phone etc. You are in the same position as many other Australians.

    Our team are the experts you need to get your home back up to good working condition!

    Changing to NBN has the ability to make all your currently data points in your home stop working. Our team can complete the necessary changes to your current phone and data connections in your home to make all these issues go away!

    When you connect to NBN you may need to have the Data Connections throughout your home altered to get the best speeds and performance.

    To check your internet speed go to:

    Just keep in mind when you are upgrading your Internet Plan to NBN that they cannot guarantee the exact speed you have purchased. The only way to get the fastest possible speeds is to connect your device to a data point. You can also install Wifi Boosters throughout the home to get the best coverage in every room!

    If you are having problems with your phone or Internet
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