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  • Switch Board Upgrades

    Our team can Upgrade your Switch Board making your Home & Family Safer!

    Switch Board Upgrades

    When it comes to switchboard upgrades our qualified and fully trained electricans are the team to deal with! We care about the safety of your home, family and safety so we always ensure all our quality is the highest of standards!

    As a professional service we can disconnect your old fuse board and update it to a new switchboard that has various individual circuits. Individual circuits are beneficial to you as if you ever over load a circuit, that circuit only will trip off at the switchboard and allow you to unplug the item that tripped the switch. You can then push the switch back up into the on position. With old fuse boards, if you overload your circuit they will not trip off your switchboard which in due time can cause a major fire hazard. If you have 2 -3 individual circuits in your kitchen, 1-2 in your laundry, 1-2 in your lounge room and all bedrooms on 1-2 circuits you can feel at ease knowing that you are safely sharing the power load on each circuit!

    Modern updated switchboards play an important role in ensuring that you are keeping your home and family safe. Many older fuse boards and switchboards have rewirable fuses that are made from ceramic. These are EXTREMELY dangerous & don’t comply with electrical safety standards.

    These days, new homes have switchboards that include automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches. If ever you face an electrical fault, you can count on these switchboards to trip off and keep your family safe. The benefits of tripping circuit breakers and safety switches during a fault are that they reduce the fire risk hazard, save your appliances and save a life from being electrocuted on the spot! If your circuit breaker/s or safety switch turns off and won’t turn back on, just call us on 0411 438 738 to get you out of trouble FAST!

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