TV & Home Theatre Installations

Whether you need a TV Mounted, Speakers Installed or have TV Reception Issues,
we’ve got you covered!

We Specialise in TV Installations, Aerial Installations, Home Theatre and Reception Issues!


Whether you would like a TV Installed, or your TV Reception is bad. Call us as we can help!

Whatever the type of TV including Plasma, LCD and LED equipment, you can count on us!

30 years Experience as your TV Installers we guarantee you will be satisfied!

Show off your TV by hiding all the annoying cables within the wall. The TV can be mounted flush on a wall, on a tilt bracket or an angle bracket.

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified. You can count on them to mount your TV securely and safely on your wall.

If you need help purchasing a TV bracket we can help. Give us a call and we can assist you with ensuring your TV makes a statement as it appears to be floating on your wall!

Which Tv Bracket Should You Choose?

There are many various types of TV Brackets. You should consider the location of the TV and the use of the bracket. 

So which bracket would you choose? Select from below!


If you would like to mount your TV at eye level this is the bracket for you! If you do not require the TV to move left/right or up/down then this is perfect!
They are perfect for lounge rooms, living areas, offices, studios and small outdoor areas.


If you would like to be able to move your TV left, tight, up and down then this is the bracket for you! This bracket is perfect for large lounge rooms or outdoor areas as it can be easily moved into different positions depending where you are located in the area. 


If you would like to tilt your TV only this is the bracket for you! If you need to mount a TV up high then these brackets are perfect! They can however distort the picture of the TV. 


If you would like to be able to rotate your TV left/right or tilt up/down then this is the bracket for you! These brackets are not as common however they are great for offices or areas where you cannot install the TV on the wall. It is recommended you have an experienced and professional technician install these brackets. Anything that hangs from the ceiling has more of a chance of walling, therefore ensuring hat it is safe and secured properly is very important!

Don’t have your own bracket?

You can purchase a bracket from the store on our Website! 
If you schedule a job with us you can include the job number when you purchase the TV Bracket so we bring the TV Bracket to site with us on the day.