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  • Does your electricity bill make you feel like you’ve got energy vampires in your house? Nothing beats the chills like the feeling of warm toasty floors beneath your feet. But as aware of your energy usage as you can be, it all still adds up during the cold months. Not to mention pandemic lockdowns keeping us at home more than we’re used to. Luckily, here are some simple ways to save money on that electricity bill this winter.

    Simple Ways To Save On Your Electricity Bill

    • Keep comparing energy prices and make the switch.The ACCC report shows 7% of households are still on expensive standing offers. Sims said he was worried because standing offers were 18% more expensive than market offers in 2020. Just by switching, the ACCC chair said Aussies could save a solid $200 in electricity bills per year. 
    • Want to save another $200? Leaving electrical appliances idly turned on ramps up household energy bills for Australians across the country. By simply turning them off, you’ll be able to save at least this much. Did you know that phone chargers continue to consume 0.26 watts every hour they are left idle? Now you do!
    • Hot water and hot drying take up heaps of energy. Using a hot water cycle on the washing machine uses 50 to 85% more energy than cold water. Taking shorter showers and limiting baths will help reduce bills; as well as running the cold water cycle on a full load of laundry.
    • Keep a well-insulated home. Trap the heat by opening your blinds and curtains on sunnier winter days and closing them before it turns dark, but make sure your windows are tightly shut to avoid warmth from escaping. But also, insulating your home is the most cost-effective to reduce the use of heating.
    • Get energy monitoring! Though electricity monitoring is available to most smart meter customers, other meter types will require a meter attachment to access energy monitoring.

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