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  • Family Safety Tips 2017

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our family is the most important possession in everyones lives! Our family provides us with strength, security, support and love so keeping them safe is a main priority! Here at Ken Sutton Electrics we are always there to help! We...

    Check Your Switch Board!

    Why should you check your switch board? There are many of reasons why it is important do check your switch board: Ensure it does not have ceramic fuses Ensure circuit breakers are protected by safety switches Ensure it is up to date Ensure your families safety How do...

    Smoke Alarm Knowledge

    Why should you have a smoke alarm? When people sleep, they lose their sense of smell. This means if a fire breaks out and you have no smoke alarm, you will not be woken up until it is too late. A smoke alarm is the electronic noice you need to save your life. Fires...

    Landlord Smoke Alarm Servicing

    [vc_row][vc_column][lsvr_image image=”901″][vc_column_text]Beginning on the first of August 1997, Victorian law declared that smoke alarms are required in all residences and these smoke alarms must be in compliance with Australian standards. Legal...

    Electrical Safety Tips to keep your family safe!

    1. CUT OFF ALL POWER It may be an obvious pointer but when you are planning to do anything electrical to your home, turn all power off! There have been many instances when people are doing DIY’s and they have been electrocuted mildly and severely. 2. EXTENTION...
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