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  • Victorian Power Industry Locks

    Victorian Power Industry Locks

    Improving home security may seem challenging and sometimes is not as affordable as one would hope. One fast and effective way of securing your home is the installation of a power industry padlock. Power Industry Padlocks are installed on your electrical meterbox/ switchboard.

    Why should you have a power industry lock installed?

    Power industry locks prevent an individual turning your power off to your home within a few seconds.. yes a few seconds.

    How? The main switch to your home can be turned off meaning you now have no power or lights in your home.

    What is the first thing you would do next? You would go outside to the meter box to find out why there is no power.

    When you unlock your door, the door is now unlocked for potential home invasions, theft and crime. Installing a power industry lock is an efficient way to secure your home and family. When the electricity meter box is locked, your switchboard has extra protection from having the power turned off.

    The other reason to have one installed is that you will know who should and shouldn’t be in your switchboard. There are sometimes door knockers that will say, “i need you to unlock your switchboard”. If someone knocks on the door and says this, you immediately know they do not have the licenses required to hold a master key.

    A master key for the power industry padlock are held by Victoria’s 5 major electricity companies, Powercor, SP Ausnet, Jemena, United Energy and CitiPower.

    Electrical Inspectors also have access to the master key. Electrician’s do not have a master key, so they would require you to unlock the meter box in order for them to isolate power.

    What is the process of installation?

    Sutton Security & Electrics have qualified and trained electricians that have the expertise required to install a power industry lock on most, if not all meter box panels.

    Our team have developed a special bracket to suit meter box panels to ensure your power industry lock is secured properly and is strong once installed.

    Once you have called and secured a time with one of our electricians the process starts.

    Our friendly and professional qualified electrician will call you when they are on their way as we respect and value your time.

    The electrician will arrive onsite, introduce themselves and ask for you to show them where your electrical meter box is located.

    They will explain the process of the physical installation and then they will get started.

    On completion of the power industry lock installation, you will receive one key and one red security code card.

    It is important to keep both the key and security card in a safe place, preferably in different locations… to understand why, read on below.

    What if you lose the power industry lock key?

    Everyone loses important items that they swore they never would.

    We understand this and allow our customers to call us for the codes if their power industry lock key or security card goes missing.

    There are two codes you need, to order a new key.

    The first code is on the physical key itself on the shaft.

    The second code is found on your red security card.

    We suggest leaving the key and security card in different locations as this then means that if someone found them both, they could order a new key.

    See below to know exactly where the power industry lock code is on the shaft.

    View our Youtube Video below and see Jarrod, one of our qualified electricians explains the process:

    Final Notes

    Always make sure you receive a Red Security Card with all Power Industry Lock Installations as this is how you know it is a Power Industry Lock.

    You cannot put a price on the safety of your home and family. Power Industry Locks are one of the most cost effective measures of security that you can get.

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