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  • Oven Issues? Here’s What To Do

    Thanks to the coronavirus, baking has become an essential activity since we’ve all been stuck inside. A functioning oven is a definite necessity for any household! With it running more often than usual though, there are many ways things can go awry. How can you tell...

    Mounting Your TV? What To Know Before Getting Started

    Getting a glare from your TV? On the outset, mounting a television on your wall seems like a good idea. It saves space, puts the screen out of harm’s way and lifts the screen up to where the whole room can easily see it. However mounting a TV starts with several...

    Why You Need to Upgrade Your SwitchBoard Now

    In our day to day, a lot of customers who live in older houses suffer from severe electrical damage. These could have been prevented had they spotted the signs a little earlier. Here’s a helpful list of the most common signs of danger…and when you need to give...

    The Best CCTV Cameras For Your Home

    You can’t put a price on peace of mind. But with so many options out there, it’s hard to pick what suits your surroundings and provide the best all-around protection for you and your family. There are many different types of CCTV cameras but the most popular ones, and...

    Why You Need A Lighting Upgrade

    Envying those beautiful homes on Pinterest and Instagram? Getting the right lighting installations goes a long way. It changes the entire mood of the space! Choosing lights that fit your interior style transforms an ordinary setting into one that makes you feel like...

    Signs of Electrical Danger: Most Common Problems Customers Face

    When the power goes out and you’re running around in the dark, you know you need an emergency electrician right away. But sometimes things aren’t as clear. Here are some issues you can’t put off: Faulty appliances: Is an appliance acting up? Feel heat emitting from...
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