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    Are you sick of working for a company that doesn’t seem to see you as an asset to their business and only thinks about the money. Do you want the chance to work for a company longterm that understands that electricians are an important part of a business and don’t see our team members as disposable? One of our core values is OUR CULTURE, which means we will put YOU & our team before the bottom line.

    You will want to join the Sutton Security & Electrics family, because not only do we bring quality electrical services to our customers but we ACTUALLY genuinely care about all our team members. We are a family and not just work colleges.

    You will be respected, you will be heard and you will be valued. We want you to be your ultimate self and we help you get there through our weekly training sessions (along with a bacon and egg breakfast), pride in you as an individual and professional growth within our company.

    You will be challenged and you will be rewarded. Each and everyday will be different for you. You will work within a team that actually choose to hang out with each other outside of work, whether that be at gym, playing golf or the local footy club.

    Opportunities for growth and development within the industry will be made available to you through our growing business that is constantly developing along with our team.

    Your work/ life balance will be valued: We give you the opportunity to choose from three start times as family time is valued and hobbies are respected! We want you to enjoy your life outside of work instead of having to constantly stress about your job or take on any responsibilities that you don’t have too. Why is this important to us? We all have our own families and know that this time is TRULY valuable and should not be put off due to work.

    You will be rewarded: You will receive benefits through our exciting rewards system that enables you to be rewarded weekly for a job well done. We truly enjoy being able to reward our team for their constant hard work and effort. Our electricians are earning between $1,000 – $2,800 in bonuses each month on top of their wage. Our team enjoy pub lunches and golf days to say thanks and connect as a team! 

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