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  • Getting a glare from your TV? On the outset, mounting a television on your wall seems like a good idea. It saves space, puts the screen out of harm’s way and lifts the screen up to where the whole room can easily see it. However mounting a TV starts with several considerations, if you start without a plan, it can quickly turn from a dream to disaster.

    Here are some common mistakes that we see

    • Not getting the location right: Not considering the right viewing angle, sun exposure and nearest power outlet often leads to long-term annoyance. Also, keeping pesky cables from hanging down can be pretty tricky!
    • Load Bearing Walls: We wish you could just stick that flat screen up and call it a day! But if you don’t know how much weight your wall can take, you could end up in a very messy situation. Even the latest TV screen weighs a lot more than the normal picture frame, so using a stud finder to find existing studs in your wall could help. Don’t try to use drywall anchors to hang it though because they will eventually get pulled and your TV will end up on the ground.
    • Proper Prep: Unless you’re ready to risk that expensive television hitting the floor, it’s often better to talk to us first about the specifics. Knowing exactly what tools you’ll need beforehand is crucial, such as the proper-size drill bit, stud finder etc. to avoid being in more of a headache later down the track.
    • Choosing the right bracket: After going through the rigmarole of mounting your TV, you realise that maybe a swivel mount would have been better so you’d be able to reach the ports…so now you’re going to have to pull it all down everytime you need to do so. Your time is precious – leave the stress to us. We’ll get it set up for you with all the right considerations in place.
    • No space for components: Game consoles, cable boxes, DVRs and the like are going to need a home near your TV so the cords will reach the TV’s output ports. Be sure to have room for a shelving unit or a bookcase to keep all these in place.

    Or to save yourself time, calling us for help should do the trick! We’ll work with you to get all the solutions and considerations required, so all that’s left is a sleek, spacious entertainment space for your enjoyment.

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