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  • In our day to day, a lot of customers who live in older houses suffer from severe electrical damage. These could have been prevented had they spotted the signs a little earlier. Here’s a helpful list of the most common signs of danger…and when you need to give us a ring sooner rather than later!

    Telltale Signs You Need a Switchboard Upgrade NOW

    Appliances short-circuiting: Older switchboards tend to ‘trip’ when overloaded, However, most older switchboards cannot handle the high-wattage loads of today’s homes. Never attempt to fix it yourself. For your safety, give us a call. We’ll help you find the most suitable switchboard for your home or add the right circuit to accommodate your load.
    Flickering lights: The strobe disco party no one asked for! Sometimes, it could be because a light bulb had not been screwed in correctly, or it could be caused by loose wiring in old or damaged switchboards – which is super risky. Curb this potential electrical fire hazard by calling us for a review to make sure all is well.
    Rewireable fuses: Is your house over 30 years old? Rewireable fuses are a significant safety hazard as they contain copper fuse wires. If the copper fuse wire melts down (or blows), this can lead to deadly consequences. Simply replacing it may seem like an easy fix, however, there’s more to that than meets the eye. Get professional assessment and expertise for a secure solution – one that means long lasting safety too!
    Overcrowded switchboard wires: Is the wiring in your switchboard a cluttered mess? Prevention is better than cure – especially if you’re looking to add new devices in the future! A new air conditioner or pool pump requires dedicated circuits, so if you’ve installed new electrical appliances recently and haven’t upgraded your switchboard, we can’t stress how important it is to talk to us to make sure it’s safe and secure.
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