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  • Trouble Shooting Tutorials

    Here you will find Step by Step Tutorials on Trouble Shooting.

    If there is not a tutorial on the issue that is occurring please call us on 0411 438 738

    We consistently update all our videos to give all our customers the best support possible!

    Please note (**): Depending on the NVR you purchased for your install, you may not have the ability to use all the functions in these videos.

    1. What to do if Start Up Menu Appears

    2. Cannot see Cameras on Monitor

    3. Cannot see Cameras on App

    4. Cannot see Cameras on App after we connected to NBN

    5. Mobile App – Incorrect Login/ Password

    6. Notifications are not working on app

    7. Playback doesn’t always work on app

    8. Can’t see one of your cameras

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