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    How important are your animals to your family?

    Our guess is VERY important!

    We have heard many different reasons as to why our customers want Security Cameras Installed. We have come to conclusion, one of the main reasons is to protect pets!

    By installing Security Cameras, they not only protect your home and family, they protect our beloved pets! Our animals are just like family to all of us so ensuring they are also safe is important!

    Why should we install CCTV to monitor animals?

    1. Unfortunately, there are people out their who have no regard for the love you have for your pet. It is very easy for someone to jump a fence and hurt, badly injure or take your beautiful pet! It is a harsh reality but crimes happen just like this all the time. When you are at work for long periods at a time or you have gone away for a weekend without security cameras you have to way to see if your pet. It is great peace of mind knowing you have the safety of your pets in the palm of your hands!

    Furthermore, a great friend of ours recently had their dog taken from their property in Sunbury and were besides themselves! They tried to call all the animal shelters and wait for a phone call that he had been found! Luckily, he managed to escape and was picked up from the North Melbourne Dogs Home! Security Cameras will now protect her animals whilst she is at work or away on holiday!

    2. Some people have dog walkers, dog sitters or house minders whilst they are away. You can monitor how your animal is treated whilst enjoying your time away. If there has been some instances where the animal has been “aggressive” to the person, you can visually see for yourself!

    3. You can view your animals behaviour whilst you are not home. Have you ever returned home to a shredded pillow, destroyed pot plant, holes in the backyard? You can see exactly what your pet is up to when you are not home! This helps you to come up with a way to action the problem!

    If we could all stay at home and be with our pets I’m sure we all would! However, you will not have to worry about their safety knowing you can instantly view them on your smart phone!


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