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  • Mobile App Tutorials

    Here you will find Step by Step Tutorials on how to use the Mobile App.

    You will only see Tutorials on functions that you are able to edit.

    If there is not a tutorial on the function you are trying to use it is more likely because Customers do not need to edit those functions.

    Please note (**): Depending on the NVR you purchased for your install, you may not have the ability to use all the functions in these videos.

    1. How to Download the App

    2. How to View Cameras on the App

    3. Set Up Motion Notifications

    4. Set Up Trip Wire Notifications (**)

    5. Record, Export and Share Footage

    6. Take a Picture

    7. Listen to Audio on App

    8. Adjust Brightness of a Camera

    9. How to Play Back Footage

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