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    Some people do not realise that in order to install CCTV a licensed business and installer must complete the installation. Electricians must be qualified to do all electrical work. However they are not qualified to install cameras just by being an electrician. Installers must be a registered business and a licensed individual to install CCTV Cameras. If an installer is not qualified, the work will not be covered by insurance if anything does occur and was caused by the CCTV Cameras. Therefore, You may be denied an insurance claim if you use an un-licensed CCTV Installer so do your research!

    Please refer to this website (https://www.police.vic.gov.au/lars/lars.asp?File=/Components/Screens/PSINFP03/PSINFP03.asp) to ensure that the CCTV Installer you are using has a Private Security Business Registration and Private Security Individual Registrations.

    If an insurance claim arises e.g. a fire and reasonable doubt is placed on the installers work as a cause. The claim may be denied. As the installation was not performed by a qualified installer in compliance with the rules and regulations.

    The Victorian Police state on their website… “Members of the public should only engage business operators and individuals who are appropriately licensed or registered for the activity they are undertaking.”.

    The Victorian Police Conduct thorough checks on all security equipment installers. It is illegal to invoice customers without having a license.

    Reasons to use a qualified installer:

    • They have been checked thoroughly. You don’t just want anyone off the street to install your system.. In order to obtain a license you must have a police background check, license check, mental check, physical checks, health checks and supply them with exact instructions about how you conduct your business.
    • Peace of mind knowing you are covered with any insurance claim relating to the installation if you hire a licensed CCTV Installer.
    • They are qualified 100% in the service they are providing you.
    • They understand the process of installing CCTV.

    Our Team:

    You can be assured with us that you are using licensed CCTV Installers. We have a Private Security Business Registration and Private Security Individual Registrations.

    Our team are fully licensed and qualified CCTV Installers and Advisors.


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