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  • [vc_row][vc_column][lsvr_image image=”901″][vc_column_text]Beginning on the first of August 1997, Victorian law declared that smoke alarms are required in all residences and these smoke alarms must be in compliance with Australian standards. Legal responsibility for the installation of functioning smoke alarms falls to landlords and owners. Every single smoke alarm is required to have a battery, has to be tested on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning properly, and must be replaced once a period of 10 years has passed.

    It is the landlord responsibility to have working smoke alarms installed and maintained to Australian standards and BCA. If you fail to protect the safety of tenants/ investment property with working and regularly maintained smoke alarms it may result in the dismissal of insurance claims for any damages, personal injury or loss of life. You can also receive a $500 penalty for failing to comply with the legislations.

    It is the responsibility of the tenants to test the batteries each month, make sure that the smoke alarms are clean and to report any issues relating to the Smoke Alarms. If tenants do not report the problem then it is their responsibility.

    Only smoke alarms save lives, that is why it is important that they are serviced annually. The servicing is more than turning up for five minutes, testing the button for a beep on the alarms and leaving… Our Smoke Alarm services also include an electrical safety inspection.

    Our electrical safety inspections include….

    • Replacing the smoke detector batteries at no charge.
    • Replacing the smoke detector at no charge if it needs replacing.
    • Ensuring smoke detectors are in the correct spot.
    • Checking expiry dates of all smoke detectors.
    • Unlimited visits per year to check the smoke detectors.
    • Check the rentals switch board.
    • Check the house wiring
    • Check the light wiring.
    • Checking all power points.
    • Checking to make sure that there are no overloaded power boards.
    • Providing a report of the inspection.
    • Provide an electrical certificate.

    Don’t pay companies a service fee to inspect your smoke alarms to then find out that they were faulty and you must now pay for the replacement of them. We have a one price system for a low $99 that will include battery or smoke alarm replacements. There are absolutely no hidden fees with our smoke alarm servicing!

    The best part about it is we are qualified electricians! Why should you have a general service company to check your smoke detectors only to find out that they have to call in the electricians to install a smoke alarm! We will do it on the spot for you (the landlords) and your tenants!

    If you wish to contact us about this service simply give us a call!

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