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  • Thanks to the coronavirus, baking has become an essential activity since we’ve all been stuck inside. A functioning oven is a definite necessity for any household! With it running more often than usual though, there are many ways things can go awry. How can you tell if it’s an actual emergency or just a little hiccup that needs a quick fix?

    Here are some quick fixes and the point you need to get in touch with us

    • Check to see that something has not blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker! A blown fuse cannot be re-set therefore you should give us a call. However, also ensure your circuit breaker (if you have one) is switched into the up position.
    • If your oven is in auto mode, you may not be able to use it again until it’s turned back to manual mode. If the problem persists – give us a call!
    • Is your oven overheated? The safety thermostat may have tripped so let the oven cool down. Give us a call if the oven still fails to work.
    • Make sure that the airflow for your oven is properly maintained. You can do this by keeping the mesh of your oven clean if there is one.
    • Was there smoke coming off the elements when you turned it on? This will be due to oil being on the elements. If you continue to let the oven heat up, the smoke will stop. Maintaining the cleanliness of your oven is crucial to avoid this.

    Our home and kitchen inspections also cover

    • Electrical unit inspection
    • Honest, detailed quoting
    • Kitchen appliance reparation
    • Canvassing and buying the most trusted brands on kitchen appliance in the event of replacement
    • Regular check-up and maintenance
    • On-call repair
    • Photos of Team Working Professionally
    • Aerial Installations
    • Home Theatre and Reception Issues
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