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  • [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our family is the most important possession in everyones lives! Our family provides us with strength, security, support and love so keeping them safe is a main priority! Here at Ken Sutton Electrics we are always there to help! We are including tips to keep your family safe in 2017!

    Ensuring our home is safe and secure: 

    Whether you have never had a reason to install CCTV Security Cameras, it is always a good idea to install before an incident occurs. Security Cameras keep your home, family, pets and possessions safe and secure! You can have your whole house in the palm of your hand! Our licensed CCTV Security Camera Installers and Advisors can assist you with ensuring you install the best system for your home and needs.

    When you install Security Cameras, you instantly deter possible criminal behaviour in your home. When criminals see that your house is under surveillance, they will target a home that is not protected!

    Crime this year alone has increased by 8% in Victoria!

    Robbery offences have increased 24%!

    Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people have increased by 22%!

    Theft offences have increased by 16%!

    These statistics are on the rise unfortunately! If we can intervene by protecting our homes with Security Cameras, we can ensure our family is being protected!

    If you would like more information about getting the right cameras for your home, please click here —-> CCTV Cameras

    or Call us on 0411 438 738 for a free recommendation of suited cameras for your home.

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    Is your switchboard updated?:

    Modern updated switchboards play an important role in ensuring that you are keeping your home and family safe. Many older fuse boards and switchboards have rewirable fuses that are made from ceramic. These are EXTREMELY dangerous & don’t comply with electrical safety standards.

    These days, new homes have switchboards that include automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches. If ever you face an electrical fault, you can count on these switchboards to trip off and keep your family safe. The benefits of tripping circuit breakers and safety switches during a fault are that they reduce the fire risk hazard, save your appliances and save a life from being electrocuted on the spot! If your circuit breaker/s or safety switch turns off and won’t turn back on, just call us on 0411 438 738 to get you out of trouble FAST!

    If you aren’t sure if you have a Switch Board that is offering the best protection for your family… Please send us a photo and we will provide you with a FREE visual inspection of the board.

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    Safety Switch’s are VERY IMPORTANT!

    We just spoke about ensuring your switch boards are up to date however, it is important to speak about Safety Switches as one topic!

    Safety switches save lives! If there is a broken wire in the house and someone touches the object, a safety switch will trip in 0.3 seconds avoiding possible death! If there is no Safety Switch Installed in a switch board and the same thing happens… the person would be electrocuted and will face serious injuries including death!

    We all know kids can be curious.. We have heard of many instances where a child has put a knife in a toaster. Luckily these people had safety switches other wise the child would have been badly hurt.

    We all love our children and will protect them from anything! Ensuring there is no possible way for anyone to face electrocution it is important to have a Safety Switch Installed.

    If you aren’t sure if you have a Safety Switch… Please send us a photo and we will provide you with a FREE visual inspection of the board.

    Please watch this video below of a young mother who faced this exact incident!


    Do you have your furniture secured?:

    Our children are very curious beings. They will play with anything that comes in their way. It is very important for your family safety, to ensure your furniture is secured properly!

    People are purchasing bigger and flatter TV Screens as technology is advancing. The screens are also getting lighter which means they are getting easier for children to push them over.

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    Keep your furniture mounted and secured to keep your family safe!

    Every 30 minutes a child is injured by falling furniture! It is important to either mount or secure a TV to a wall.

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    Securing your furniture is an investment in your child’s safety! Don’t wait till it is too late!


    Safety with Power Boards:

    Every family is getting more an more appliances every year. This means eventually you will run out of power points you can use. When you have no more power points to use, it can be easier and cheaper to purchase power boards. However, power boards do not offer your family the safety that you deserve!

    Investing in the installation of extra power points will ensure you do not have to worry about over heating power boards.

    If you are currently using power boards and are unsure if you are overloading… please send us a photo and we will get back to you as soon as possible as your safety is our main priority!

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    Child Proofing Power Points:

    If you have young children you will know they are curious. Along with putting metal objects in toasters there is also a problem of them putting objects inside power points. To make unused power points safe for your children, you can purchase Dream Baby Safety Outlet Cover Safety Plugs. You can purchase these from your local Bunnings!

    Taking all the right precautions to keep your family safe is very important!

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    Knowing how to handle an Electrical Fire:

    Never EVER try to put the electrical fire out with water. In the spare of the moment it may seem like the best option but it will only make it worse. Water conducts electricity therefore it will make the fire worse. Always ensure you have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in your home!

    Ensure everyone in your house knows how to use a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.



    Please rest assure that we will always be there to assist you with keeping your home and family safe! If you have any photos you would like to send us that you think are of unsafe problems… Please send them in and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Your safety and family is our main priority!

    Please contact us if you ever have any questions about the safety of your home.

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