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  • When it comes to an energy bill everyone wants to do their best to save money! It can be hard living in a household full of people however if you all follow these simple tips you can defiantly decrease your energy bill.

    Living Room

    1. Make sure appliances are switched off at the wall. Although you may not be using them, they still use power if they are switched on.
    2. Instead of turning on all of the lights in your living room use a lamp that is set in the corner of the room to decrease the energy usage of having lights on.
    3. When it comes to buying globes make sure that you are buying ENERGY SAVING GLOBES! There are globes these days that are still as bright however they do not draw as much power!
    4. Are you sitting in the living room and your kitchen lights are on? Switch off your kitchen lights, they do not need to be on if no one needs them.
    5. Make the effort to switch the TV off when there is nothing good to watch on TV. If there is nothing interesting to watch why watch it at all?


    1. Just like the lounge room, buy an energy saving globe for a lamp and use the lamp instead of your bedroom lights!
    2. When you leave the bedroom turn everything off! If you are planning to not go into the bedroom for a while and have left a light on your using energy that doesn’t need to be used!
    3. At night use a sleep timer on the TV if you have one. Don’t fall asleep to the TV and wake up 3 hours later with the TV still on.


    1. When it comes to using the oven, try not to open the oven door frequently as this just lets heat out.
    2. If you need to boil water, use a kettle not the stove. Its quicker and it uses less energy!
    3. Always keep in mind that microwaves use less energy than an oven!

    The Laundry

    1. If its not raining out side then use a washing line to dry wet clothes!
    2. Make sure that you aren’t using the washing machine if your not washing a full load!
    3. If you are going to use the dryer, make sure the clothes have been spun thoroughly in the washing machine so the dryer has to do less work! Don’t put dripping wet clothes in the dryer ever!


    1. Make sure water saving shower heads are installed to reduce the amount of hot water and energy used!
    2. It can be an accident to leave hair dryers and straighteners on sometimes however this uses unessasary energy. Make sure all appliances are turned off.

    Cooling and Heating

    1. Wear the appropriate clothes for the weather! Don’t wear shorts and a shirt if its freezing outside and turn the heater on. By wearing the correct clothing you can avoid using the heater for as long or completely.
    2. Make sure you keep all blinds closed to reduce the amount of energy required to heat/ cool a room.

    Whole House

    1. Ensure if going on holidays that you turn off all appliances.
    2. Ensure everyone in the household is doing their best to follow these tips as well.
    3. Upgrade all globes in the house to energy saving globes.
    4. You can even upgrade to LED Down Lights that you won’t have to worry about using a lot of energy or heating up.

    We are confident that if you and your household implement these tips into your daily lives, then you can decrease your electricity bills!


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