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  • When the power goes out and you’re running around in the dark, you know you need an emergency electrician right away. But sometimes things aren’t as clear.

    Here are some issues you can’t put off:

    • Faulty appliances: Is an appliance acting up? Feel heat emitting from the cord? Unplug it immediately and give us a call!
    • Faulty wiring: Flickering lights, frayed wiring, a sparking switch, warm or vibrating wall outlets, smoke or burning smells are all signs of danger and can potentially lead to house fires. So leave it to our expertise and contact us!
    • Faulty electrical connection points: Loose power switches and connection points potentially build up heat and brew danger. Not sure about this? Calling us now could safeguard your future.
    • Overloaded extension cord: An extension cord plugged into another extension cord, plugged into another one may seem like a good idea at first…but could also be hotbed for disaster. Think of your safety and consult us first before connecting anything.
    • Water damage: See a leak coming through a light fitting? Yup, that could lead to disaster. We’ll come over to isolate power from the affected area so you keep out of harm’s way.

    If you’re facing any of these issues, keep you and your family’s safety in mind by giving us a ring. By leaving it to an electrician’s expertise, you’re able to ensure long lasting repairs as opposed to temporary fixes.

    When you call us, you can expect:

    • 24/7, Round the Clock Contact for Emergencies
    • Same Day Solutions
    • Never Wait Around – We Get There When We Say We Will!
    • Friendly, Courteous Service
    • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
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