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  • Why should you check your switch board?

    There are many of reasons why it is important do check your switch board:

    • Ensure it does not have ceramic fuses
    • Ensure circuit breakers are protected by safety switches
    • Ensure it is up to date
    • Ensure your families safety

    How do you know you have an OLD or NEW Switch Board?

    Old Switch Boards look like this:

    Switch Board Upgrade, Sunbury, Melton, Essendon, Caroline Springs, Diggers Rest

    New Switch Boards look like this:

    Switch Board Upgrade, Sunbury, Melton, Essendon, Caroline Springs, Diggers Rest

    Benefits of upgrading an OLD Switch Board:

    • Fuses, if tripped cannot be reset. They must be replaced if ever there is an overload. However with circuit breakers, if tripped they can be reset easily by pushing the switch back into the up position.
    • Makes it easier for a home owner to distinguish where there is a fault in the home.
    • Safety switches protect your family! If your child was to put a fork into a toaster, the safety switch would trip instantly avoiding a terrible accident! In the old fuse boards, there is nothing to protect your child if this was to occur. A Safety Switch can switch the power off in as little as 0.3 seconds!
    • You can find faulty appliances with a safety switch.
    • The benefits of having Safety Switches are endless!

    What happens if a safety switch trips?

    If your power goes off and you cannot push the switch back into the up position, you may have a faulty appliance. You must disconnect each appliance by switching them off and un plugging them from the wall. If you are unsure of what appliance is fault you can un plug the appliances individually until you are able to restore power. If you can still not find the fault appliance it is time to call an electrician.


    It is recommended to upgrade your OLD Switch Board to a NEW Switch Board with Safety Switches. There is nothing more important than family so we should do everything to keep them safe. Electrocution for young children is more likely as they are curious and are more likely to stick a metal object somewhere it shouldn’t be! It is also a benefit of being able to fault find yourself before calling an electrician as it can save you money!

    We offer a service like no other!

    If you are curious about if your switch board is up to date, send us a photo and we will tell you on the spot! There is nothing like having the peace of mind knowing your house and family is safe.

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