By Duncan B Campbell

ISBN-10: 1841767700

ISBN-13: 9781841767703

Когда тактика осады стала неотъемлемым условием успеха в войне, генералы перед инженерами и учеными поставили задачу разработать тактику, прорыва обороны и блокады города с помощью фокусов и обмана. Это увлекательное исследование отслеживает изменения в тактике осады от Древней Персии (6 веке до н. э.) до осад, осуществляемых Римом 2-й век до нашей эры), описывая широкий спектр оборудования и техники, которые использовались в этот период.

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The large springs are used to return the power steering activation levers to the neutral position after a steering movement. The Wheatcroft Collection Front End 177 178 177: A general configuration view of the drivers vision port at the LHS front of the tank. Note the original German technical manual lying on top of the gearbox. We shall cover these manuals in detail in later volumes. 178: Another general configuration view, this time of the radio operators position. e. the radio equipment and the MG34 space becomes very limited here.

Looking at the top left of the photo we can see the slot in the roof through which the drivers forward periscope is fitted and to studs to which it is bolted. The Wheatcroft Collection 53 Front End 180 180: A close up view of the drivers vision port looking through the glacis. This whole mechanism is fitted to a plate that is bolted to the inside of the front armour plate. The port in the centre of the photograph holds a strengthened glass vision block known as a Glasblock90. This vision block was constructed from five layers of glass, 70mm thick and was proof against steel cored AP rounds.

As with the ammunition panniers in the fighting compartment a canvas screen covers these rounds and is tied down at 2. 190 191 190: Hull side next to the drivers position. The metal tube carries hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump (page 40, photo 133) to the power steering at the front LHS of the tank. 56 189: A frontal view of the spare vision block stowage box. To the right and below this is a tubular container that holds a breathing tube for the driver. 191: The Fahrgestell Nummer of this Panther Ausf.

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