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The NA-32 and RPM 1700 12. 0 in. Hg. 13. Ignition switch BOTH ON. NA-33, with man14. Energize and engage starter. Mixture Control BEST POWER. ufacturing rights BEFORE LANDING DURING WARM·UP I. Landing gear DOWN. for both types. I. hift propeller to LOW PITCH. 2. The Emergency Lock position will not be used in normal opera2. Warm up at 1000 RPM. tion of the Landing Gear. This followed a 3. Check magnetos at 1800 RPM. Max. drop 100 RPM. 3. Propeller 1925 RPM. 4. Check operation of: propeller control, flaps, elevator and rudder 4.

While photos appear to bear this out, there also appear to be significant differences in the engine and cowling that have not been documented. However, another NAA document states that only five NA-56 general purpose aircraft were acquired by China, with the order placed on April 15, 1940, and final acceptance was taken in August 1940. While it is possible that this may have been a follow-on order to the initial batch of 50, nothing further has surfaced on any of these aircraft. T------~---~~=~- __ NA-57 NAA DESIGNATION: NA-57 (8T-98) NAA CHARGE NUMBER: NA-57 MFG.

One source claims that a single BC-1A was fitted with an AT-6A center section and designated as the BC-l B, but I could locate no such designation in the Individual Aircraft History Cards. Surprisingly, a few BC-1 As survived to be surplused at the end of the war, and small numbers found their way into foreign air arms, with Peru and Sweden acquiring one each. NA-56 NA-16-4 NAA DESIGNATION: NAA CHARGE NUMBER: . NA-56 MFG. OR SIN: Chinese Air Force The NA-56, like the other orders from China, poses some interesting historical contradictions.

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