By M. Zaki

ISBN-10: 0230113761

ISBN-13: 9780230113763

This e-book discusses the main urgent international demanding situations, and indicates methods for the Obama management to take on them in a holistic demeanour. particularly, the booklet proposes potent measures for varied difficulties just like the battle on terror, answer of the Arab-Israeli dispute, forging of higher kinfolk with the Muslim global, resetting of family members with Russia, prevention of nuclear proliferation relatively as regards to Iran and North Korea, development of the effectiveness of the United countries, and discovering methods for overseas cooperation to fix and arrest the wear and tear to the surroundings because of worldwide warming and weather swap.

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Indd 21 3/22/2011 11:56:04 AM 22 A m e r ic a n G l ob a l C h a l l e ng e s says, “Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in the best manners that are most gracious” (Quran 16:125). It is therefore ironic that the so-called votaries of Islam are the ones who are breaking its basic tenets. There is a dire necessity today for creating better understanding between people of different faiths and making them aware of the tenets and teachings of each other’s religions and the many commonalities that exist.

Any terrorist attack anywhere is attributed to “Islamic terrorism,”14 whereby, unwittingly, Islam is depicted as the religion that advocates and sanctions senseless violence. Until this perception is corrected the “War on Terror” will not be successfully concluded. The terrorists who profess to be acting in the name of religion, and who indulge in wanton killing are actually acting against the religious tenets of that religion, for no religion sanctions the killing of human beings. In fact, all religions teach their followers to live in peace and harmony with people of other faiths.

Such an action would enable these nations to enjoy the economic benefits by becoming its trading partners, would help in winning their confidence, and make them feel they have a stake in shaping a safer world. The next important aspect where there is a great need for cooperation between the United States and Muslim countries is in the sphere of governance; in fact, this is the fountainhead from which should flow other acts of reform in the Muslim world, where the picture of people’s inclusivity in governance is very bleak.

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