By Teresa Parrot, Graham Crook

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We have found adult men and women with their heads removed after burial, as well as an instance of head removal from a woman with a full-term fetus in her birth canal. There is also a case in which not the head but the limbs were removed from an adult skeleton. We also continue to find examples of the special placing of skulls in foundation and abandonment contexts, and as already noted we have found a plastered male skull in the arms of an adult female. The association of the latter case with the unique leopard claw underlines the overall evidence that the people whose heads were removed had a special status and that the circulated and handed-down skulls had a particular significance.

Near G¨obekli at a limestone quarry, three reliefs have been recorded, each depicting a 1-m-long phallus with scrotum; these have been plausibly considered contemporaneous with the main site (Rollefson 2008: 391). Possibly linked to this concern with phallocentrism is the depiction of snakes at G¨obekli and Nevalı C ¸ ori. 4) has two sets of three snake bodies down the length of one front, and snake heads appear along the sides of the pillar’s lower portion. If one accepts that this is a phallic pillar, then the writhing snake bodies could possibly have accentuated the phallicism.

Stone figure from Adiyaman-Kilisik, Turkey. Source: Bettina Freytag-Loeringhoff. Possibly red pigment, natural ochre staining or some form of discoloration marks the area. Testicles were also indicated. 3). The large T-shaped body’s arms extend to the head of the smaller phallic body inscribed on its front side, while the arms and hands reach to the genital area. The smaller body itself resembles a penis-shaped relief, and its hands are placed above the empty hole (where a penis could have been inserted).

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