By Dr. Victor G. Daniels BSc, PhD, MB, BChir, Dip. Pharm. Med. (auth.)

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Within eighteen months of the education of the 1st version a lot has occurred within the AIDS box. The quantity affected are nonetheless increas­ at an alarming expense - those at the moment are (at December 1986) virtually ing 30000 instances within the usa and over six hundred circumstances within the uk. around the world the AIDS pandemic is a such a lot critical illness hazard and now impacts over eighty international locations. it truly is predicted that for each AIDS sufferer there are approximately 50 different people contaminated with the AIDS virus. AIDS threatens each state and each society. the most pre­ ventative measures of well-being schooling to avoid the unfold of AIDS needs to be taken by way of thousands of people helped through governments and voluntary organisations. what's transparent is that AIDS and AIDS­ similar stipulations could be with us, in our hospitals and in our com­ munities for a few years to come back. it's been good confirmed that the agent that motives AIDS is a scourge referred to as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). humans can seize HIV via sexual touch or via contaminated blood from contaminated needles and syringes, from contaminated mom to unborn baby, or therapy with infected blood or blood products.

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Quite what effect the Trust will have on the sexual and social behaviour of gays remains to be determined. It is still early days. Reports from the United States have suggested that many homosexual men are using condoms during anal-genital intercourse and have reduced their number of different sexual partners. However a recent study in 1985 in America has shown that homosexuals who have been identified as a key risk group for several years are still donating blood. The survey showed that of 200 homosexuals 20 had donated a total of36 units of blood between 1982 and 1984.

Haiti is also a favoured holiday island for American homosexuals. Recent evidence however suggests that heterosexual contact may be the main method of transmission among Africans. This is based on the following observations: (a) The ratio of men to women in Africa with AIDS is one-to-one. (b) The medical histories of patients with AIDS have shown that the important factor is the degree of exposure to the putative AIDS agent and not the type of sexual intercourse. There is also a high incidence of syphilis and gonorrhoea among the patients who develop AIDS.

This type of virus is called oncogenic since they can induce malignant transformation of normal cells. A detailed discussion of the structure of viruses and viral diseases can be found in Appendix 6. The balance of evidence strongly suggests that the causative agent of AIDS is a novel retrovirus which has been placed in the group Human T-cell Leukaemia Viruses. Since there are already two types of Human T-cell Leukaemia Virus the new virus implicated in AIDS was called Human T-cell Leukaemia Virus type III.

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