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NiE MEANIN~OF THE PASSIVE - :- . 53 - '--,- . having + animacy and + the objects having- anim 'Tom beats John' (active) and'John was beaten byTom' mean essentially the same thing and yet. they are not in every respect synonymous, and it is therefore not superfluous for a language to have both turns and thus the world has a word-ol be able to shift the point of view. As a rule the person or thing that is . The Vividness : the centre of interest at the rnoment is made the subject of the sentence, and therefore the verb is in some cases put in the active,in others in the pas~ive:' The words whose processed more quickl~ (Studies in the function of Passive-G.

Gc;"Tfu 3) I The Object [The king gives a cow to a brahmin] 4) The Age[lt The Object [Chaitratells a story to Maitra] 44 The Agent, THE. TI:lI; MEANING OF.. NG OF T , The Location : ~ lli1 The entity where the performer of the action or the thing performed rests has a semantic function of location. _. ~ ,~ I formance of an action s a semantic function too. g. ~qqft: ~ % 'ldfu . g . ~~ ~... I ... ",- [sankara brought down the Ganges from the heaven] An action predication has following participant roles.

Of the original sentence becomes - an object of the causal sentence. 4, 52) and ka whose action is tnskrit grammarians, In which represents suffix) according to (pa. 46). 1ct{f«1'J, ::Ij<'l>4<'1>«1"t I (on ~ in ~. pg. as a picture). e. the second case suffixes.

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