By Ph.D., FSA Johnny Li, Ph.D., FSA Andrew Ng

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15 x+3 63 64 65 66 67 White was a newly selected life on 01101/2000. (iii) White's age on 01/01/2001 is 61. (iv) Pis the probability on 01/01/2001 that White will be alive on 01/01/2006. Calculate P. 43 - Solution White is now age 61 and was selected at age 60. 4589. Hence, the answer is (C).

B) Calculate q2 . (c) Calculate - 3q2. Solution (a) lx=loSo(x)= 100-x. (b) q, = 12 I-1, = 98-97 98 2 (c) 1 -1, 98-95 ,q, =-, -= 98 2 2 I 98 3 98 [ END] In Exam MLC, you may need to deal with a mixture of two populations. As illustrated in the following example, the calculation is a lot more tedious when two populations are involved. 3 For a certain population of 20 years old, you are given: (i) 2/3 of the population are nonsmokers, and 1/3 of the population are smokers. (ii) The future lifetime of a nonsmoker is uniformly distributed over [O, 80).

Assuming that S0 (t) = e-00051 for12: 0, evaluate the probabilities. 8. You are given: 1 S0 (1) = (1---) 100 2 , 0 SI< I 00. Find the probability that a person aged 20 will die between the ages of 50 and 60. 9. 0775 Calculate the following: (a) 3Px (b) 2Px+3 (c) 213q, I 0. You are given: qx+k = O. l(k + I), k=O, I, 2, ... , 9. (,= 1) (b) Pr(K, $ 2) I 1. You are given µx =µfor all x 2 0. (a) Find an expression for Pr(K, = k), fork= 0, I, 2, ... , in terms ofµ and k. (b) Find an expression for Pr(K, $ k), fork= 0, I, 2, ..

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