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Bankruptcy I. THE ALPHABET. § I. SANSKRIT is correctly written with the Devanragari alphabet; however the Bengali, Grantha, Telugu, and different sleek Indian alphabets are more often than not hired for writing Sanskrit of their respective provinces. Note-Devanagar( capability the Nagar( of the gods, or, almost certainly, of the Br~hmBJl9. A extra eurrent form of writing, utilized by Hindus in 1111 universal transaclions the place Hindi is the language hired, is termed easily Nagart. Why the alphabet must have been referred to as lI'dgart, is unknown. If derived from nagara, eity, it will possibly suggest the o.rt of writing as first practised in towns. (PaJ]. IV. 2, 128.) No authority has but been adduced from any historic writer for the employment of the be aware Devan/igart. within the Lalita-vis/ora (a lifetime of Buddha, translated from Sanskrit into chinese language seventy six A. D.), the place a listing of alphabets is given, the DevanQgart isn't really pointed out, except it's meant by means of the Deva alphabet. (See heritage of historical Sanskrit Literature, p. 518.) A

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TAB LEO F CON TEN T S; web page; bankruptcy I-THE ALPHABET; The DcvlLllagari letters 2; § r The Devanagari alphabet three; 2 path of Sanskrit alphabet four; three tips to write the letters four; four Sounds represented by means of the Devallagari; alphabet four; five variety of letters five; 6 The letter!i five; ~ Jihv/lmOHya aud U padhmaniya five; eight symptoms of nasals and their alternative; five; nine the 3 nasal semivowels 6; 10: Consonants with no corresponding; nasals 6; I I Auusvara ahead of $, take a seat, eight, h 6 * I 2 Names ofletters 7; thirteen Vowel indicators, preliminary, medial, aud; ultimate 7; 14 Consonants through vowels 7; IS: Virama 7; sixteen mixture of consonants 7; 17; The signal fOI' r eight; 18 The Virama used as a stop-gap eight; 19: The indicators for a pause eight; 20 The Avagraha checklist of compound; consonants eight; 2 I Numerical figures nine; 2"' ideas of pronunciation 10; bankruptcy n-RULES OF SA~DHI; § 2 three' item and use of Sandhi eleven; 24 contrast among exterior; and inner Sandhi eleven; 25, Cla

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If this is true, it certainly is a cosmic paradox: his devotion postponed his fall, but it also brought it about. But, as we have seen, the fall of Time was probably inevitable once he was separated from the One. MANSAROVAR The lake of Nectar, also called Amritsar, located in Daswan Dwar, one of the two intermediary planes between Sat Lok and the three worlds of Kal's creation. The poem does not explicitly describe the creation of these intermediary planes, although it may be implicit in what is already said.

In this sense it is used throughout the Anurag Sugar as a synonym for Kabir. Esoterically, it refers to the Master Power manifesting on the level of Sat Purush, as distinguished from the same Power manifesting on the lower inner planes as the Radiant Form or Gurudev, and on the physical plane as the Guru. This trinity of SatgurulGurudevlGuru is roughly analogous to the Buddhist Dharma KayalSambhoga KayalNirmana Kaya, or three "bodies" (forms or manifestations) of the Buddha. INCONCEIVABLE GOD Agam Purush.

2 . THE FALL OF KAL 23 HYMN The limitless beauty of the worlds created cannot be described. I t is a wonderful creation; its beauty is such that it is impossible to describe in words. All worlds get light from the Light of Sat Lok. Even the sun and moon shine with the Light of one hair of Purush. COUPLET The Satguru is an abode of happiness. Grief, attachment and pain do not exist there. Having the darshan of Sat Purush, the jivas are enjoying. 2. The Fall of Kal T H E DEVOTION O F NIRANJAN AND HIS ACQUISITION O F MANSAROVAR AND T H E VOID In this way many days passed and after that this happened: Dharam Rai played this way-Dharam Das, listen to it: Standing on one foot he did the devotion of Sat Purush for seventy yugas and pleased Him.

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