By Donald Parriott

ISBN-10: 0125456808

ISBN-13: 9780125456807

This consultant for the practising chromatographer who desires a prepared resource of data on HPLC detection explores and compares latest detection structures and detectors, outlines the typical difficulties linked to a given detector, and gives confirmed methods to averting such difficulties.

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A. ) McGraw-Hill, New York, p. 10-250. N. (1983). in "Liquid Chromatography Detectors," (T. M. ) Marcel Dekker, New York, Ch. 5. Scott, R. P. W. (1977). " Elsevier, New York, Ch. 2. Vandenheuvel, F. , and Sipos, J. C. (1961). Anal. Chem. 33, pp. 286-291. Waters, J. L. (1970). S. Patent 3,535,263 (Nov. 10). Watson, E. S. (1968). S. Patent 3,386,332 (June 4). Yeung, E. S. (1986). " (E. S. ) Wiley, New York, Ch. 1. CHAPTER 3 ABSORBANCE DETECTION Roger Blain Hoffman La Roche Bldg. 86, 8th. floor 340 Kingsland Avenue Nutley, New Jersey 07110 I.

There is an asymptotic approach to the upper set temperature of the thermostat followed by an exponential decay to the lower set temperature over a period of about 25 minutes when the air conditioner is in the heating mode. The inverse is true during the cooling mode of the air conditioner. The column temperature will tend to follow the same temperature profile as the ambient air, so that baseline excursions in Figs. 2-21 and 2-22 should be applicable to these air conditioning cycles when an appropriate scale factor is applied to the magnitude of the temperature change.

3-17 Effect of peak overlap on peak height and peak area. Sometimes it is helpful to estimate the possibility of analyzing a compound at some required level of detection. It is relatively easy do this calculation. An illustrative example will be given. Suppose you want to measure a drug in plasma at the 1-ng/mL level, with 1 mL of plasma available to you for analysis. You already have some important information. You know the molecular weight of the drug, and from a UV scan on a spectrophotometer, you know the drug's molar absorptivity at the absorbance maximum.

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