By Shi M., Yuan X., Cai M.

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This ebook is predicated on 10 lectures given on the CBMS workshop on spectral graph conception in June 1994 at Fresno nation collage. Chung's well-written exposition may be likened to a talk with a superb instructor - person who not just supplies the evidence, yet tells you what's rather happening, why it truly is worthy doing, and the way it really is regarding primary rules in different components.

Hypergraph theory : an introduction - download pdf or read online

This booklet offers an creation to hypergraphs, its target being to beat the shortcoming of modern manuscripts in this concept. within the literature hypergraphs have many different names equivalent to set structures and households of units. This paintings offers the idea of hypergraphs in its most unusual elements, whereas additionally introducing and assessing the most recent thoughts on hypergraphs.

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​​​​​​​​Geodesic Convexity in Graphs is dedicated to the research of the geodesic convexity on finite, basic, attached graphs. the 1st bankruptcy comprises the most definitions and effects on graph idea, metric graph thought and graph direction convexities. the next chapters concentration completely at the geodesic convexity, together with motivation and heritage, particular definitions, dialogue and examples, effects, proofs, workouts and open difficulties.

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During this quantity, the authors current their 1972 evidence of the celebrated 4 colour Theorem in a close yet self-contained exposition available to a basic mathematical viewers. An emended model of the authors' facts of the theory, the booklet includes the complete textual content of the vitamins and checklists, which initially seemed on microfiche.

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(3,k)-Factor-Critical Graphs and Toughness by Shi M., Yuan X., Cai M.

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