By Krzysztof & Parada, George Mucha

ISBN-10: 8391482405

ISBN-13: 9788391482407

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1981). In M31, five radio sources have been identified as SNR using the VLA at 20 cm (Dickel et al. 1981) and two as X-ray sources (van Speybroeck et al. 1979, Blair et al. 1981). 2 Measurement of Abundances and Abundance Gradients The general methods whereby the gaseous phase abundances can be determined from a radiat ing shock were out1ined by Dopita (1977). His grids stil1 remain the only general study on the effects of abundance, but other models (Raymond 1976, 1979, Shu1l and McKee 1979) are more sophisticated and deal with the effects of self-ionisation in a more consistent manner.

There is no need to include a gravitational term in describing the structure of the cooling layer. But once the gas has cooled off its dynamical time scale becomes rather shorter and the cooIing time loses its relevance. Gravitational acceleration is more 21 DYNAMICS OF THE GALACTIC FOUNT AIN important in the structure of the cooled layer, and the thermal speed within it small compared with its speed of mass motion. tc. 't' = -~ A:;_ 'fi :3 "'''- te.. ~ ,.. lA"" =. 'i O. ( <1- (116) q.. 6 x 10- 5 gm cm .

V T O The value of 5"4. ( "I:z. T) I 2. ies between 1. 33 and 1. 78. KAHN 22 shows how much mass per unit area the sheet contains in various ranges of temperature. 5 x 10- 6 An estimate of the thickness of the cooling layer is given by ( 118) In the present four cases the values appropriate to height 1000pc are, respectively, 2pc, 23pc, 119pc and 385pc. Thecomposite laycr can reasonably be treated as thin, except perhaps in the fourth c~e. The mass of gas per unit area calculated for the range 2 to 4 x 10 K seems about right in comparison with values that have been observed in the halo between these tcmperatures.

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06 - Jagdpanzer IV L/48 Vol. 6 Photosniper Series by Krzysztof & Parada, George Mucha

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